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The plans for Seniors in 2019

Many people are found quite interested in Medicare supplement plans if we follow data published by different insurance company in past years. Thus, this article enlists the best Medicare supplement plans in 2019 based on comparison of various aspect and factors. Before listing the best Medicare supplement plans in 2019 one must know what Medicare supplement plans are and what its different types are.

medicare supplement plans in 2019Medicare supplement plans unlike from Medicare plans sponsored by Federal government are provided by private insurance company and have policy to cover extra health care cost out of scope of Part A and Part B Medicare plans. The main Medicare supplement plans are plan A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. Out of these ten supplement plans each plan have their own pros and cons alongside the coverage. Which are the best Medicare supplement plans in 2019? Click HERE to find out!

Medicare supplement plan N

Medicare supplement plan N is at the top of the list due to its low premium cost along with high benefits provided under plan N. This plan covers skilled nursing facility visit cost and foreign travel emergency health care cost. Plan N is said to have low premium cost due to its low cost coverage under each headings i.e. plan N pays very low amount for emergency room visit and so on.  Then, why are plan N so popular? It is because though plan N provides only few percentage of cost but have huge coverage under different headings.

Medicare supplement plan G

Medicare supplement plan G also cover same heading as plan N except that it requires no copayment for emergency room visit. Unlike plan N, plan G also covers extra expenses of Medicare part B which is one among two plans with such coverage.

Medicare supplement plan F

Medicare supplement plan F covers all the heading covered by plan G. Moreover, plan F also covers extra expenses of Medicare part B, which is another plan with this coverage among two plans as mentioned above. Meanwhile, plan F also has coverage of Medicare part A deductibles. Though the premium cost of plan F is higher compared to other, if the premium falls under your affordable range then one can give better financial security.

Medicare supplement plan F (High deductibles)

Medicare supplement plan F (high deductible) is hoped to be the most popular plan for 2019 due to its low premium cost and high deductibles. Thus, huge cost coverage can be made.






Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019 – Be cautious


Are you turning 65 and are new to Medicare. Are you moving, retiring, do you qualify for assistance or possess some qualifying situation, if so; you are eligible to change your plan or enroll in. There are various Medicare Advantage plans and so you may find something suitable for you. However, there is open enrollment for other from October 15 to December 7th.


The enrollment timing of the Medicare windows is very important. The timing matters as you sign up for Medicare. The first choice you get to sign up is during the Initial enrollment period for Medicare. This lasts for around seven months as it includes:


  • The period of 3 months before you actually turn 65, or just a month prior to getting your 25th check for disability
  • The month of your 65th birthday, or absolutely the month of your 25th disability check
  • 3 months later after the month of 65th birthday, or just after the month of your 25th disability check


For instance, the IEP for people born in August 5, 1950 is available from May 1, 2015 to November 30, 2015.


medicare advantage for 2019The rules may be a bit different for people who have their birthdays on the month first. In such cases, the IEPs will be a month earlier in comparison to others who are born the same year and month. The people born on August 1, 1950 will have their IEP period as April1, 2015 to October 30, 2015.


It is important during your IEP to take necessary action. There is a need to take this decision.  The Part A enrolment takes place three months prior or later to the 65th birthday. This is done automatically, if you are working and receiving social security benefits and if not, get enrolled at the social security office.  As such there is no penalty for up late signing, unless you pay Part A monthly premium and this gets automatically renewed each year. Part B is similar to part A, but if you enroll later, the premium is higher and in case of missing the window of enrollment period, you have to wait. However, it gets renewed automatically each year. For immediate enrollment into Medicare Advantage 2019 visit


Part C refers to the Medicare Advantage Plans that is available anytime 3 months before and after 65th birthday; you can get enrolled through any private insurance company. In case of missing the enrollment window, join during Open enrollment during Oct 15 to Dec 7. If required in this period you may add or drop Part D Medicare. However, Part D is also having the same rules as Part C.

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